Monday, September 10, 2012

Queenie Mendonca

Queenie Mendonca is my friend basically from Mangalore, settled in Chicago USA since many years. She is a fine cook and was the founder editor of the website in which I used to contribute my articles.

She was the one who recognised my recipes and articles and gave me all the encouragement to contribute in and of course, Roshan D'Souza the founder webmaster of made me one of the Team members in the year 2009.

Our association has been amicable over the years and today, both Queenie and Roshan are like my own sister and brother. When I told Queenie about my blog spot she was very happy and I requested her to contribute her recipes and articles in Garam Tawa. She readily gave her consent and for the time being, she has permitted me to re-publish her recipes and fruit/vegetable carvings in my blog spot. Starting today, her blogs will be certainly a treat for your eyes and appetite!

A big welcome to you, Queenie!

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Unknown said...

Thank you, Raj.


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