Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fish Phannaupkari

My mother is the best cook in this world. Whose mother is not? Yet, the fish phannaupkari, a hot and sour aamchi Konkani delicacy used to be her specialty and she used to make it perfectly. So perfect, that steam used to blow out from the mouth nose and ears, if not sweat trickling down from the head! That’s how a well made phannaupkari should taste like. Phannaupkari tastes the best with Tiny Sardines(Taru Bhootai), Lactarius(Adaimeen) or Mackerel(Bangude). You better cook it today and consume it tomorrow for better results. Those with acidity problems, please be equipped with plenty of buttermilk and water. Congi water is the best to sublimate the side effects!

Tiny Sardines Phannaupkari

Tiny Sardines 50, Lactarius 4 or Mackerel 4(Cut into 3 pieces each) – cleaned, washed and drained
Red Chilli powder – 4 Tsp (Or more if you want it real hot)
Kashmiri Chilli powder – 1 Tsp
Onions – 4 medium chopped
Tamarind paste – 1Tsp (or tamarind size of a small lemon, pulp extracted in 2Tbsp water)
Salt - to taste
Coconut Oil – 20-30Ml
Warm water – QS

Heat oil in a thick bottomed vessel or in an earthen pot.
Fry half of the chopped onions till golden brown. Add the remaining onion and little salt and fry till onion is translucent.
Add chilli powders and mix well till raw smell disappears.
Add tamarind pulp and mix. Add salt and water according to preference, bring to a boil and cook for 5-10 mins on low fire.
When the chopped onions have cooked and oil floats on top, add the fish, shake the vessel to cover the sardines with the gravy, bring to a boil, cover the vessel and switch off the fire.
Keep for 5-10 mins and then serve with boiled red rice.
Mackerel Phannaupkari

Variations: 1. You can add mustard seeds and curry leaves in the seasoning before you fry onions.
2. You can also add a pinch of turmeric powder, chopped tomatoes and coriander powder while frying the onions with chilli powder.
3. You can also add chopped ginger and garlic while frying the onions.
4. You can grind onions, grated coconut, coriander seeds, tamarind and red long and short chillies to a fine paste and fry this masala along with chopped onions to make a thick gravy.
Lactarius Phannaupkari

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