Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cruise Food - A Gastronomic Delight by Giridhara Mallya

Cruise is supposed make it a holiday of a life time. They pamper you all the time, luxurious cabins, lavish entertainment, sports, recreation, health, Spa....and Food is an integral part of cruising.
 After a recent cruise on board "Norwegian Sun" in the Baltic Seas, I kept wondering whether some people go on cruise just to feast on the ossum food. Probably cruise companies too are happy since Norwegian Cruise Lines who operated this ship have what is called as Free Dining...which means that you can have food at any time of the day or the night 24x7.

Sea Food
During dining hours the two Main dining rooms are open(which is free) along with specialty restaurants (like Italian, Sushi, Mexican etc.) which attract some charges.  Rest of the time one of the coffee shops, pool side cafes or a barbecue is open. The choice of food is unlimited in breakfast, lunch or dinner or even for high tea and snacks. The sheer variety of the items available is mind boggling. Additionally, there is unlimited juice, ice cream and hot drinks.
Non Vegetarian
Main Course
No wonder they say that for each day of the cruise you gain a pound weight. Cruisers seem to be happy hogging all day along...I dont blame them since the choices available are plenty as u can see in the pictures.
Gulab Jamuns

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