Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bonda Shake(Tender Coconut Shake) - Natural Summer Cooler

Those living in the tropical places are accustom to coconuts. Tender coconuts are sources of essential minerals salts and other elements. The sweet tender coconut water quenches the thirst and livens up a tired soul in hot summer. The malai or kernel is delicious to eat but it also can be used in making a natural summer cooler. Bonda Shake is easy to make and is liked by all.
I first tasted this at Appu Shet's shop near New Chithra Talkies, Mangalore in the year 1985. Before tasting this, my regular favourite drinks used to be Kokum, Mango and Grape at that shop. I surrendered to bonda shake at once and also tried making it at home. At home you can make this better, as you can control the amount of sugar and cardamom powder in it. Bonda malai also should be very tender to make this, otherwise a faint smell of coconut oil emanates from the drink.

We had some Kendaale Bonda(The orange red variety) from our garden, water of which is aromatic and is very sweet. I used water from three bonda and the malai I got from them was in right proportion.

Bonda(Tender Coconut) with thin malai - 3(About 1.2 liters water)
Sugar - 8 Tsp(increase according to taste.
Green Cardamoms - 2

Shave the bonda, make a hole on the top and collect the water.
Cut open the top shell and scoop the malai with a thick blunt dinner spoon.
You require about 1.5 cups of the malai.
Peel the cardamoms and crush the seeds into a coarse powder.
Transfer the malai and sugar to a mixie jar and blend at slow speed for a minute or so to make puree.
The malai puree now resembles dosa batter.
Add the malai to the coconut water, stir well and then add cardamom powder.
Mix again by tossing the liquid with the help of a mug or big tumbler.
Chill in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
Mix well before serving in tall glasses.

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Unknown said...

Wow.... reminds me of my days at my husbands ancestral home where we used to relish this with a handful of poha... tastes heavenly...


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