Sunday, September 09, 2012

American Chopsuey

This is a Chinese dish and has nothing to do with America. The name is derived from the Tomato ketchup that is added to the gravy.
We call this Chinese Bhelpuri and kids simply love this dish.

The recipe is based on:

I have added shrimp and topped up with fried egg in this one.

¼ cup Chicken(boiled and shredded or diced)
1/4 cup Shrimp(Shelled and deveined)
½ cup Spring Onion(sliced)
¼ cup Carrot(shredded)
1 cup Bokchoi or regularcabbage(shredded)
¼ cup Bell pepper(Capsicum)
¼ tsp Black Pepper
1 tsp Ginger(paste)
¼ tsp Red Chili Powder
1 cup Chicken(stock)
4 tbsp Tomato Sauce
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
½ tbsp Chili Sauce (green)
Salt to taste
1 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Vinegar
1½ tbsps Corn Flour
¼ lb Noodles
Oil for deep frying
1 egg

For the chopsuey sauce :
   1. Heat 4 tbsp. of oil in pan and add ginger paste, carrot, bell peppers, chilli powder pepper and salt.
   2. Stir fry this over high heat for a minute before adding chicken pieces and shrimp. Fry another couple of minutes.
   3. Add tomato sauce, chilli sauce, sugar, vinegar, stock and salt to taste. Bring to a boil.
   4. In a seperate cup mix corn flour with cold water, mix it well and then combine with the boiling sauce.
   5. Keep stirring till the sauce becomes thick. Add the spring onions, mix and Set aside. 

For the noodles :
   1. Boil water, add noodles and salt. Cook uncovered for couple of minutes till the noodles are parboiled, soft and firm but not mushy.
   2. Drain and wash with cold water. Add a little bit of oil to keep the noodles from sticking.
   3. Heat plenty of oil in a deep frying pan to frying heat. Add drained noodles in circles.
   4. Remove on kitchen paper when crisp and golden, let the oil get absorbed in the paper.

Break the egg and pour on a frying pan smeared with little oil. break the yellow and fry the egg till golden on one side.

To serve the chopsuey, place crispy noodles in a serving  plate. Pour the hot chopsuey sauce over it. Cover with fried egg on top and
serve hot. 

PS: You can also add boiled and diced liver and gizzard of chicken.

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