Thursday, January 17, 2013

Typical GSB Thaali Meals - Part 1

In this article, let me show various combo thaali meals that we GSBs eat in daily life.

We normally have white or red rice with rasam, daalithoi, sambar, saarupkari or some gravy to mix the rice in, one coconut masala based ghashi/pathrado/sannan/aambat/humman/koddel/koot/vaagu/chaakko/sukkhe/saglen/hulel and so on.

One vegetable or lentil based simple item such as upkari/saarupkari/pezupkari/song/talasani/usli or Kismuri is included.

Any good chutney such as Losuni gooli/karbeva chutney/ekpaani chutney/ambuli chutney/gojju/bajji/pachchodi or pickle variety from tender mango or cut mango in brine/cut mango roast masala/bimbli/hog plums with bamboo shoot/karanda/mixed vegetable/lemon/lime/green chilli with lemon and so on.

Sometimes we feel like having fried pappadam/happalam/sun dried green chillies soaked in buttermilk/onion or garlic vodi or any podi/bajo/ambade/sannapolo. The meal is complete if a glass of buttermilk or a cup of curd is served along with.

All these traditional items are prepared keeping in mind, the nutritional content and the fibre the dishes provide for the healthy physical and mental growth. Since GSBs are basically vegetarians with a small percentage eating fish, there are hundreds and thousands of items we prepare according to the geography of the places we have settled in over the centuries. In the recent few decades, the modern generation has adapted non-veg food in their eating habits. Our globally broad spread compelled us to taste various western and eastern food specialties and we added pizzas, pastas, burgers, noodles, fried rice, manchurian, sizzlers and many more goodies to our menu as well as our recipe collection!

Nevertheless, the simple GSB thaali is always good, light on the digestive system and healthy. Here I have displayed three different kinds of combo thaalis for the viewers.

1. Rice, daalithoi, beans upkari, fresh green peas ghashi, cut mango pickle with roast masala and curds
2. Rice, sambar, cauliflower bajo, sprouted moong upkari, red chilli happalam and potato happalam
3. Rice, rasam, chana ghashi, deevi gujje podi, bhendi raita
4. Rice, rasam, spicy raw mango chutney, gulla bajji, cabbage sannan
5. Rice, daalithoi, batate song, curds
6. Rice, rasam, pathrado, beetroot upkari, maralva podi.
7. Rice, tuvar daal saaru, saalla upkari, sabbasige(dill) ambade, curds
8. Rice, thingalavre saarupkari, batate happalam, appemidi pickle, curds
9. Rice, daalithoi, pathrode, cabbage upkari, curds
10. Rice, thingalavare bendhi, beetroot upkari, lemon pickle, masala buttermilk
I will add more in the coming days for viewers' information.


Sundari Kamath said...

Wonderful Combos!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

Thank you.


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