Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mini Set Dosas

Long ago, in Udupi, near Alankar Theatre, there was the famous Cinema Restaurant where I used to eat their mini saada dosas with coconut chutney. They used to serve a set of 6-8 of those tiny doasas at a time that looked cute and made us ask for more.

Whatever maybe the formula, I decided to make mini set dosas the way they used to serve there. Here is the recipe that I followed.

Raw Rice - 2 Cups
Parboiled Rice - 1 Cup
Thick phova - 1/2 Cup
Urad Daal - 1/2 Cup
Fenugreek(Methi seeds) - 1 Tsp
Salt  - To taste
Sugar(Optional) - 1/2 Tsp
Oil - For roasting

Soak two types of rice with urad daal and methi for 6 hours.
Soak phova for 1 hour.
Grind phova along with the other soaked ingredients to a smooth thick batter, almost as thick as idli batter.
Allow to ferment at warm room temperature for 10-12 hours.
Mix in salt and sugar.
Heat a nonstick dosa tawa.
Sprinkle little water and pour a small ladleful of the batter almost 3" diameter.
You can pour 3 dosas at a time on the standard dosa tawa.
Lightly spread the batter but allow it to spread by itself as much as possible.
When the dosas develop craters and the surface starts getting dry, drizzle little oil on the dosas.
Turn the dosas upside down and roast a little.
Stack the dosas and serve with chutney of your choice.

You can make bigger set dosas with the same batter and serve them with Sagu and chutney.

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