Saturday, January 26, 2013

Brahmin's Coffee Bar by Sudarshan Bhat M

I was with a friend yesterday morning and I asked him "Where shall we have breakfast?"

He said "Let's go to Brahmin's. Nice Idli Vada and Chowchow Bhaat they have."

Old Board is still retained
I had heard the name before, being a foodie myself, and I didn't say no to his proposal. We went there in the chill of Bangalore winter at around 8.00a.m., and were greeted by a huge crowd at the Ranga Rao Road in Shankarapuram Basavangudi where Brahmin's Coffee Bar is situated!
"That's the usual scene here", told my friend. I was fascinated to see the crowd that sort of reminded me of Taj Mahal Cafe early in the morning, when it was in Car Street Mangalore. However, This crowd was definitely huge compared to the usual crowd we used to see at 5.30AM outside Taj Mahal Cafe.
We waited in Q to buy the coupons. I went for Chowchow Bhaat and my friend preferred Idli Vada. Ultimately I too went for a single Idli and vada while he helped himself with a serving of Khaara Bhaat. Rates are reasonable here as you can see the menu. Only four snacks are available the whole day. Yet, one can be contented with the super soft Idlis, soft and crispy Vadas, succulent Khaara Bhaat and tasty Kesri Bhaat followed by strong filter coffee to wash them down.
Copper Coffee Filters
What makes this joint unique is the consistency in quality and cleanliness, plus the the unlimited chutney that they serve! Some call this place 'Chutney Hotel". An elderly man mostly silent looking, sits in a corner and pours chutney into the plates of those who want extra chutney. He is the owner Radhakrishna Adiga, who also has a chain of Adiga's Fast Food restaurants in Bangalore. His father Nageshwar Adiga(Nagesh Rao) started a bakery with ready to eat snacks and milk in 1965, where eventually he started serving Idli Vada, Khaara Bhaat and Kesari Bhaat with token system and self service in 1965 in  a 10x20room, which has boomed into a brisk business today by the name Brahmin's Coffee bar. Radhakrishna Adiga has expanded the restaurant to accommodate more customers inside, otherwise people had to stand outside on the footpath and eat the snacks.
Old Set Up
We finished our breakfast and had the strong coffee to invigorate our senses. I didn't forget to have a glance around again to capture a few snaps for my archives and left the place with the determination of visiting there soon, again. After all, Brahmin's spells value for money!
_______________________________________________________________________About the Author: Sudarshan Bhat is a young IT Engineer from Mangalore working for Microsoft in Bangalore. A foodie to the core, he's also a good cook. His passion for cooking has brought him closer to Kudpiraj's Garam Tawa and I personally liked his quick decisions when it came to sharing his experiences on travel and food. He travels regularly and tries various restaurants wherever he visits and makes a point to pass on first hand review to his friends on facebook. Sudarshan's hobbies include cooking, music, travel and spiritualism. He has learned classical Hindustani Music under the guidance of Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar of Mewati Gharana. Sudarshan's sister Aparna Prabhu is a food blogger with her blogspot 'Apskitchen' which has show cased hundreds of dishes over the last four years.

Kudpiraj's garam Tawa Team wishes Sudarshan Bhat, a long way in his adventures in cooking and travel.


Anonymous said...

Idli hotel in Chamarajpet was also a great place. I have not visited Brahmins so far. May be I will in future. Thanks for publishing this.

Unknown said...

Same to same there is one hotel in J P Nagar Bengaluru called S N Refreshments.. Its a hotel by South Kanara Bhat family & famous for Idli, Vada, Chow Chow Bath, Puliyogari & these are served with lots and lots of Chutney...excellent place daily visited by famous Actor Girish Karnad post his morning walk(as its just next to his house in JP Nagar).. This particular place is very close to Ranga Shankara(Shankar Nag Acadamy).... Must Visit place for South Bangaloreans

- Nithin K Bhandary(Bengaluru)

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

Thanks for liking this article by Sudarshan Bhat.

I haven't come across that place Nithin. Maybe, someday Sudarshan will visit there and give a first hand report!

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

There was Raghavendra Prasanna at KR Market where they serve unlimited chutney that almost forms a lake around the soft spongy idlis. I went there in the Eighties. It was too crowded and many labourers swarmed the place. Don't know if that exists anymore.


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