Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Ghee Rice

When kids fuss over eating steamed rice, the best alternative is Ghee Rice. Ghee rice goes well with daal, fish masala or North Indian curries. Perfect ghee rice can be prepared without much effort. Jeera or Basmati rice are widely used to make ghee rice.

Here is a simple recipe for Ghee Rice.
Basmati or Jeera Rice - 2 Cups
Water - 4 Cups
Salt - To taste
Cloves - 4
Cinnamon - 1" stick broken into pieces
Green Cardamom - 4

Bay leaf - 1
Black Cardamom(Optional) - 2
Star Anise(Optional) - 1
Onion - 1 big sliced and browned with little ghee.
Cashew bits - A handful lightly fried in ghee.
Raisins - A handful
Ghee - 2 Tbsp or more(According to taste)

Wash and soak rice for 15 minutes in water.
Heat ghee in a thick bottomed vessel and fry the dry spices till aroma emanates.
Add 4 cups of water and salt to taste. Bring to a boil.
Drain the soaked rice and add to the vessel.
Gently mix, cover and cook on slow fire till all the water has been absorbed and the rice is cooked.
Switch off the flame, transfer the cooked rice to serving bowl, garnish with browned onion, raisins and fried cashew bits.
Serve with curry of your choice

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. I used to have it at Bangalore. Goes well with salad, raita, egg curry, chicken curry, even potato wafers.


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