Monday, October 01, 2012

Unusual Eateries: 1 - Shivamogga

I have travelled widely in India and have seen many unusual restaurants, dhabas, shacks and petty stalls where they sell inexpensive food. Some are unhygienic while some are better than most of the bigger restaurants.

This is a fish curry rice restaurant in Garden Area Shivamogga spotted by me when I was on a morning stroll in January 2010 while on a short visit.

The board reads: "Hotel Mookambika, Fish Meals Hotel, Boiled Brown Rice and Raw Rice meals available"

It was a Sunday and obviously the restaurant was closed. I cursed my luck for not being able to peep in and see what's cooking! Like to join me next time?

Disclaimer: The article and the pictures shown in this series are in a lighter vein and not to be taken offensively. No intention to demean any individual or a culture.

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