Sunday, October 14, 2012

Maiya's Rava Idli Mix and Potato Saagu Masala

Disclaimer: This is not a sales promotion. Just published in the interest of those who want review on easy cooking and Instant Food.

During my Bangalore days in the Eighties, I used to be a regular weekender at MTR and Shanbhag Cafe. My evening would be incomplete without a plate of piping hot Rava Idly, served with pure ghee, potato saagu and green chutney. Rava  Idlies just melt in your mouth and the smell of ghee, the tangy Saagu and the fiery green chutney used to give a unique taste. Finally a cup of strong coffee used to complete the ritual!

Maiya's of MTR fame, now famous for their chain of restaurants, condiments and ready to eat snacks have come out with Instant Rava Idly Mix and a pack of Potato Saagu Masala powder that comes free as special offer. It is very easy to make Rava idlies and Saagu with these and we succeeded in getting the taste of authentic MTR Rava Idlis and Saagu with instant package. The instructions on the package are easy to follow and price is right. Available at major stores in big towns and cities. Highly recommended for working couple in cities.

Here's the picture of the end product.

Maiya's have come out with an ad documentary video that shows their factory and the process by which they manufacture their ready to eat foods and also shows their restaurant in Jayanagar Bangalore. Quite interesting to watch.

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