Monday, October 15, 2012

Pav Bhaji by Veena Bhaktha

Mumbai and its ever popular street food Pav Bhaji have a unique bondage. The origin of Pav Bhaji is not clear but the story dates back to one of the earlier centuries when the brilliant street vendors catering to hungry mill workers came out with the idea of a quick meal of bread and leftover vegetables mashed together with spices. The workers could easily afford the meal and the Pav Bhaji was born.

There was a time when Ram's spicy tangy aromatic Pav Bhaji and Lakhan's soothing Kaala Khatta at Five Gardens Matunga were the most sought after late evening treats for Mumbaiyyas. There are mentions of Bollywood hero of yesteryear Rishi Kapoor and his friends hanging around Five Gardens to relish the finest Pav Bhaji in Mumbai in the mid Seventies.

Permanent shacks on Chowpatti and Juhu beach are regular hang outs for average Mumbaiyyas these days to find Pav Bhaji round the year. Almost every Vegetarian street cart and restaurant in nooks and corners of Mumbai and other parts of India serve Pav Bhaji, that has won the hearts of Indians and Foreigners equally, not just because it is a tasty combo snack but is a complete meal by itself.

There are mainly two kinds of Pav Bhaji. Regular Bombay Pav Bhaji and Jain Pav Bhaji. Jain Pav Bhaji has cooked mashed raw banana and brinjal instead of potatoes and is prepared without garlic or onion. Here is the recipe for the ever popular Bombay Pav Bhaji for you all from my kitchen. Pav Bhaji masala is widely available in different brand names but I prefer the brand Everest.

1. Potatoes - 100Gms
2. Fresh/frozen Green peas - 50Gms
3. Onions - 2 medium chopped
4. Garlic - 4-6 cloves chopped
5. Cauliflower - A small piece grated
6. Tomatoes,chopped - 100 Gms
7. Capsicum - 1/2 chopped(Optional)
8. Refined Vegetable Oil - 4 Tsp
9. Kashmiri Chilli powder - 1 Tsp
10. Pav bhaji masala - 3-4 Tsp
11. Salt - to taste
12. Butter - 50Gms
13. Pav Buns - 6-8 slit horizontally into halves
14. Coriander leaves - A handful chopped
15. Lemons wedges - 3-4

1. Boil the potatoes, peel and mash.
2. Boil the green peas, drain and mash
3. Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan. Fry garlic till golden. Add the tomatoes and fry till oil leaves the sides.
4. Now add the vegetables, salt and the powders. mix well.
5. When the ingredients blend well and oil separates, switch off the flame.
6. Heat a tawa. add a spoon of butter. when the butter melts, press the pav bun slices and roast them a little on both sides.
7. Serve the pav buns with bhaji topped with a knob of butter, garnished with chopped onions, coriander leaves and a wedge of lemon.

Note: Ingredients shown above are sufficient to make Pav Bhaji for an average family of four. You may vary them according to your need.


M V Bhaktha said...

Finally blog opened.....superbly written article....Veena says thanx for the post.

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

Yes Vivek. The article and the pic are complimentary to each others.

rohani said...

Which masala are u using.... and thanks for this best Pav Bhaji recipe

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

It is mentioned in the recipe article just before the list of ingredients.

I use 'Everest' brand or make my own paav bhaaji masala.


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