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Ideal Café – A Restaurant Par Excellence

Ideal’s, renowned house of Ice Creams opened their ultra modern Café with tongue tickling tasty treats in a cozy ambiance in Ideal Towers, near Sharavu Shree Mahaganapathi Temple in Mangalore last year February.
Front View
S Prabhakar Kamath who started Ideal Ice Creams in the Seventies has scaled the ladder of success and fame; Gadbad, Parfait and other delights selling like no other brands in the market and casting an impression among the ever demanding clients of Mangalore and the surrounding towns that Ideal’s spells Ice Cream. Mr. Kamath along with his dynamic son Mukund Kamath saw the need for international standard café for the discerning citizen of Mangalore who demand nothing but the best. Thus they came out with the concept of this café with state of the art kitchens equipped with environmentally friendly heating system and spacious clean and clear look interiors with pleasant cool ambiance equipped with eco friendly automatic temperature control air conditioners.
Billing Counter Downstairs
Service Counter Downstairs
Clean and Clear Look
Billing Counter Upstairs
Family Room
Spread over two floors with seating capacity of 64 on ground floor and 60 on first floor with a family room having 20 seats, they have set up two kitchens, one on ground floor with 1000 square feet area and another on second floor with 3000 sq ft. 45 staff members work meticulously with expert chefs to cater hygienic, clean and tasty snacks and beverages, if not select ice cream delicacies. Two big cold storage rooms, one with 1200 Sq ft area, temperature maintained at 2° Celsius to preserve perishables like milk products and vegetables, another deep freezing room with 1000 sq ft area and temperature maintained at -25° Celsius to preserve ice creams and other frozen foods.
Chana Batoora
Capsicum Fingers
Onion Pakoda
Mysore Masala Dosa
Micky Dosa
Paneer Pakoda
Dosa Sandwich
Three in One Dosa Exposed
Sheera, Theek Rotti and Sukkha Bhaaj

Paneer Ghee Roast
On the menu, main highlights are Idli Vada, Sambhar, Daali Thove, Poori Bhaji, Chana Batura, Chow Chow Bhaat, Vegetable Pulav, Mysore Masala Dosa, Mushroom Masala Dosa, Paneer Masala Dosa, Set Dosa, 3 in 1 Dosa, Dosa Sandwich and a unique dosa designed originally by Mukund Kamath’s wife Divya named as ‘Micky Dosa’ which will be certainly an attraction for kids.

Over the last 20 months, the innovative Ideal’s Team have introduced local delicacies like Theek Rotti with Sukha Bhaaji, Capsicum fingers, Onion Pakoda, Paneer Pakoda, Neer Dosa with Paneer Ghee Roast or Soya Ghee Roast.
Clean Hygienic Drinking Water
Modern Temperature Controlled Food Counter
Ideals have perfected the art of making Cutlet and Samosa since 4 years and their ice cream parlours already have them along with cheese sandwich on their Menu. One can taste them at Ideal Café as well.

There are a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, but the unique Focaccia Sandwich, an Italian concept is crafted to perfection. Ideals have their own merchandised Bakery to produce their breads and puff pastries. A wholesome Bread Roll sandwich called Machine Gun which has regular creamy Mayonnaise with spicy tangy salsa spread and lots of French fries and goodies that certainly make it a complete meal by itself!

Focaccia Sandwich
Machine Gun

Coffee is made from freshly roasted coffee beans using Italian Machines. The aroma of coffee is unique and they use 100% coffee and no chicory. Tea is prepared with finest tea powder and every drop of it tastes fresh.
Espresso Coffee Machine
For the sweet tooth, there's hot Carrot Halwa that goes well with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. Special Ice cream flavors like Jack Fruit, Litchi, Belgian Chocolate, Golden Nuts, Arabian Delight, Shahi Nuts and Creamy Caramel have already won the hearts of many. Special Gudbad, Parfait, Tiramisu and many other sundaes are available at affordable price. Smoothies include Mango and Chocolate and a cold coffee shake with thick chocolate cream base is a refreshing treat after the chatpata snacks.
Mango Smoothie
Jack Fruit Ice Cream
Special Gudbad
Chocolate Dad

 “We have given utmost care to maintain quality”, says Prabhakar Kamath. He along with his family have personally supervised the setting up of the restaurant and the kitchen and have tried different snacks for at least 15 days with friends, well wishers and relatives tasting them and casting their opinions via feedback forms. Thus they have achieved perfection in preparing the snacks and beverages. The recent launching of Low 'n' Lite Ice Creams has satiated the needs of the calorie conscious and Diabetics.

Ideal Cafe is accessible from KSR Road Hampankatta via Mischief Mall. There is ample parking space surrounding the building. Strategic location near to Sharavu Temple and Car Street
Makes Ideal Café an ideal place to spend time with family and friends over the goodies they have to offer at prices that will make you chuckle.

Ice Cream Pics Banner and Poster Courtesy: Mukund Kamath, S


cdr (retd) giridhara mallya said...

Unfortunately not paid a visit though have vogue memories of visiting it in 1990s somewhere...After reading this blog, I should say my resolve to visit Ideals has hardened...

Bhayankar Bhandu said...

Great going Ideals team.... Looking forward to more delicacies in the future as well.
Wonderful article there, as usual, Kudpimaam... Optimum combo of text and pictures... Drool is all over the keyboard :)

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

Thank you Cdr Mallya and Sudhir. It was sheer delight to have tried many of Ideal Cafe goodies over the months and the Ideal family have been most cooperative in providing any info that I needed to come out with this feature article.

I must also thank my Facebook friends, especially Mukund for the good times we had together at Ideal Cafe with many meetings last year.

Govindaraj said...

fantastic review Kudpi Raj ..very descriptive with many clear pictures of the Cafe and the the prepared items..
Loved visiting and enjoying tasty food many times in the past :)

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

Thank you Govindraj. You've been always supportive.

vasanth said...

Been there, seen that, tasted quite a few dishes and slurped the torch bearer brand GADBAD. Your write up and still life photographs are purrrrfect. More power to your pen and camera !

Anonymous said...

It has everything but a basic washroom!!!!I hope after reading this comment the owners will think of incorporating the same.

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

There's a wash room upstairs on First floor above the entrance. The passage is from the back, and you may ask the restaurant people about it.


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