Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Unusual Eateries: 3 - Bangalore

The hustle and bustle of daily commuters in Bangalore can be witnessed if you stand on the Tank Bund Road at the junction where the KSRTC and BMTC buses enter Bangalore Bus Stand at Subhash Nagar. Unending line of buses and mad rush of people entering and coming out of the City Bus Stand leaves you aghast!

While I wonder how the city has grown over a few decades, I didn't fail to notice couple of push carts doing brisk business with snacks , coffee and tea. Heaps of Pooris, the aroma of spicy Saagu, Chithranna, Pulav, Pakoda and other fast food items. I didn't have the guts to eat at such road side cafes but many daily commuters seem to satiate their hunger here. When I asked a guy who was sipping a cup of piping hot strong coffee after a generous breakfast of Poori saagu he said "Chennaagide saar. Omme try maadi noDi!"

All I did was take a picture of the cart which I can share with the world. For this, I need not spend a Rupee!

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