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Aloo Paratha - Version 1

Aloo Parathas with a knob of fresh butter
North Indian staple breakfast is Aloo Paratha with curds, butter and pickle. We down south eat them parathas for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Authentic aloo parathas are made in Punjab with fresh herbs and spices mixed in with boiled mashed potatoes filled in thick crisp rotis. They make them rather bland.

We make two kinds of Aloo Parathas. One is made with different spices and onion. The other kind is mashed potatoes combined with green chillies, coriander leaves and a seasoning of asafotoeda and mustard seeds. Here is our first version of spicier Aloo Paratha.The embedded video should guide the readers how to roll out the parathas and roast them.

Aloo Parathas and curds garnished wiith cumin powder and salt.

For the potato stuffing:
Potatoes - 250Gms boiled peeled and mashed
Salt - To taste
Red Chilli powder - 2 Tsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4 Tsp
Cumin powder -1/2 Tsp
Coriander powder - 1 Tsp
Amchur(Dry mango) powder - 1 Tsp(Or juice of 1/2 lemon)
Garam Masala powder - 1 Tsp
Ginger Garlic paste - 1 Tsp
Onion - 1 medium chopped
Coriander leaves - A handful chopped
Refined vegetable oil or ghee - For roasting

For the roti:
Whole wheat flour - 2 Cups
Salt - To taste
Water - QS

Featured in the Demo video: Mrs Satya Avinash

Knead wheat flour with sufficient water to a firm soft dough adding salt to taste. This dough should be slightly harder than chapati dough.
Heat 1 tsp oil in a thick bottomed pan.
Saute the chopped onions and ginger garlic paste till onions are transparent. Switch off the flame and add all the other ingredients along with mashed potatoes. Combine well. Check for salt.
Make Golf ball sized balls with the dough and roll out thick pooris. Place a ladleful of the potato mixture in the center and wrap the poori around the stuffing and seal the edge to enclose.
Dust a chapati board and roll out the parathas taking care not to break the outer dough and spill out the stuffing. The paratha should be almost 6 MM thick.
Heat a chapati tawa, add a spoonful of  oil or ghee and roast the parathas on high flame on both the sides till crisp and golden.
Serve with a knob of fresh butter on top and with plain curd garnished with cumin powder and salt along with mango or mixed vegetable pickle.

Aloo Paratha with butter, curds and Mixed Veg Pickle - Kashmir

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