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Traditional Trip of Malnad by Anuradha Mudalagiri Kamath

Malnad region in Shimoga District of Karnataka is not only picturesque with flora and fauna but is a treasure of ancient traditions. Probably, the remoteness of places from main cities and agriculture and agro based home industries have retained the spice of life in its virgin form. House holds follow traditional customs and festivals, cattle yield milk  and most of the homes, food is cooked in traditional way on wood fire, copper and bronze utensils are still used by many for cooking and serving at feasts.
View from Nagara Fort
Nagara Fort
Disfigured statue of Nandi

Nagara town
My old school in Nagara
My college in Nagara
Typical residential house in Nagara
Backyard of house
Agumbe Sahukar Late Vijendra Rao's house where 'Malgudi Days' was shot
I have grown up in the small town Nagara(Bidanoor), had my school and College education there, enjoying every single day of my younger days with the cold breeze of Kodachadri mountain range, the roaring sound of Sharavathi river near Gerasoppe, the silky flow of Tunga river near Tirthahalli and the thunder and rains of Agumbe. The nearby town of Ripponpet has mostly fruit orchards where we get fresh mangoes, guava, sapota and Appemidi.
Accountant's cash and records box
Copper pot for storing rice - Adsali
Bamboo box for storing grains
Some old utensils
Cooking and serving vessels
Copper plates
Copper pot buried in bathroom for hot water
Brass and bronze utensils
Serving tray
Some more copper and brassware
Implements for serving food
While taking you on a brief picture story of the Keladi dynasty King Shivappa Nayaka's fort of Nagara and our relatives' old house in Agumbe where the popular Doordarshan serial 'Malgudi Days' was picturised, I will also showcase some of the rare pics of traditional implements and utensils and most important, two videos, one with churning of buttermilk with the wooden churner called 'Kadegolu' and the other on making powdered sugar using grinding stone and the wooden stump called 'Onake'.
'Belli' the buffalo
Cows in their shed
Serving food at Dasara feast
Churning buttermilk
Kadegolu is supported by a loop of rope that is fixed to a firm wooden pole. In the olden days they used ceramic pots to make curd and do the churning in that to get butter and buttermilk. Now a days even stainless steel pots are used for convenience. The quality of video may not be good due to bad light but it shows how they do the job dedicatedly and patiently when we get ready made buttermilk and butter at big stores in cities! These videos were shot in Tirthahalli.
We know that butter comes up when buttermilk is churned. As per science, during the churning of buttermilk, many particles of curd undergo rotatory motion. Then the particles with less weight experience more centripetal force and hence those particles accumulate at the center. Heavier particles experience more centrifugal force and so they are forced to the walls of the container away from the center. Hence, light butter particles accumulate at the center due to centripetal force and heavy buttermilk particles thrown away from the center to the walls of the container due to the centrifugal force. This way butter is extracted from butter milk.


Shilpa Sunil Rao said...

Such a nice post Anu Mayi.. This is my husband's Ancestor home in Aagumbe.. He is grandson of Sahukar Sripati Rao. Thanks for detailing about Vijen bappa's home.

Shilpa Sunil Rao

Anonymous said...

such a awsome place. I wish i can hv all the utincils displayed.
nice place relax with good air River Tunga water.

Raghavendra Raju said...

Hello Sir,
This post was very informative and loved it lot.
Can you please share your email id/contact details to



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