Friday, November 30, 2012

Hotel Karthik with Unique Items

Hotel Karthik in Mangalore, is on the main road connecting Urva Stores to Kottara Chowki opposite Urva Police Station. This restaurant has many delectable dishes to offer. I am showcasing a few specialties they serve there.

Neerulli Baje(Onion Pakora):
Onion Pakora is a tasty addictive snack normally eaten along with evening tea. It is a very popular snack in Mangalore and every Brahmin hotel makes it perfectly! Crispy outside and soft inside, the flavours emanating and the spicy treat makes your mouth drool at each bite!

Glass Moode:
Moode is generally made with idli batter steamed in a tube made with a typical thorny cactus type leaf that grows wildly in villages. Mangalore is famous for moode. I had never seen glass moode in any other restaurant before I tasted it here. It is steamed in typical tall water tumbler and served with chutney and sambar. One must try this to know the taste!
Special Layered Coffee:
They say this is special coffee at Hotel Karthik but this is similar to Rimzim coffee served at Laxmi Vilas, Kalladka. The artistic way they make this is really unique! Try this at Karthik. It may look mild with thick creamy milk but as you mix the ring of fresh strong coffee decoction, you'll explore its divine taste!

Pundi(Undi/Rice Dumplings):
These are served with chutney and saagu at Karthik but I prefer them with sambar.
These are huge in size and contain loads of seasoning and grated fresh coconut in them. Very tasty and highly recommended for those who are calorie conscious!
Onion Oothaappa(Dosa):
Oothappa means bloated dosa or dumpling.
Cushion like Onion Oothappa is very popular in South India. One of the best Oothapams(As they call it in Tamilnadu) is made at the canteen of Vivekananda Kendra in Kanyakumari. A good oothappa has to be topped with loads of shredded onion and also well roasted. Karthik makes it exactly the way I want it. It is almost a complete meal!
Goli Baje(Mangalore Bajji):
Like the famous Mangalore Buns, Goli Baje is also a signature dish of Mangalorean Brahmins. They have perfected the art of making excellent Goli Bajes. Karthik makes this slightly different by adding chopped coconut bits. They also are very big, almost resembling Biscuit Ambade!

Benne Masale Dose(Butter Masala Dosa):
When I first heard about Karthik from a relative, he was surprised to know that I have not visited there and tasted their Masala Dosa in spite of being in close proximity to my home! I went there some years ago and straight away ordered Benne Masale Dose. It was worth it. Melting butter makes all the difference. They serve it with thick coconut chutney and hot and sweet sambar.

Avalakki Mosaru:
This is a favourite comfort breakfast in the undivided Dakshina Kannada District, my personal favourite. I can eat this for breakfast, lunch evening tea and dinner. One can find this combo rarely these days but most of the Brahmin hotels serve this. I like it at Hotel Karthik. Perfectly spicy, tangy and sweet Avalakki(phova/beaten rice) is mixed with achoorna containing grated coconut, jaggery, chillies and spices, seasoned with green chilli bits, mustard seeds and curry leaves.
Fresh unsweetened yoghurt is served with this. It is a usual practice to sprinkle some sugar on the avalakki and top it with yoghurt, mix it as you go on eating it with a contented smile!
Many years ago, when we were small, restaurants in Mangalore didn't have Horlicks, Bournvita and such beverages. Traditional Kashaaya was popular. A healthy drink made with roasted spoices and whole wheat and millet, this drink keeps your stomach regulated and envigourates your mood.
I was a die hard fan of Kashaaya and I found the best one at Hotel Karthik!

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