Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pepper Fried Potato

My father had a perception of recognising the ingredients in any unusual snack or curry that he relished at an outside place, whether a restaurant or at any household. Though he never cooked anything in his lifetime, he used to tell mother to prepare the dish according to his concept and in most of the cases, the dish used to turn out perfect!
He was a journalist and he used to attend Rotary Club meetings every week at Hotel Moti Mahal. There he had the chance of tasting many snacks and dishes and these fried potatoes with a dash of freshly ground pepper was his favourite. Probably he tried French Fries at Moti Mahal and thinking my mother may not be able to make them at home, he came out with this version that is simple to make and tasty to bite.

Give this a try and your kids will go on eating them. This can be prepared quickly when you have unexpected guests. We prepare this for lunch or dinner but this can be had as a starter snack with tea or drinks. This is a good accompaniment with fried fish. You can prepare them by deep frying or shallow frying. We prefer the latter style which is good for health but turns out slightly less crispy than the deep fried ones.
Potato - 1 big(150Gms)
Salt and freshly ground pepper
Rice flour - 1/2 Cup
Oil - For frying

Wash peel and slice potatoes into 4mm thin slices.
Apply salt and keep for 10 mins.
Heat oil in a kadai.
Roll the salted potato slices in rice flour to coat them evenly and drop them in hot oil.
Fry on both sides on medium flame till crisp and golden.
Drain excess oil and sprinkle freshly ground pepper.

You can also shallow fry them on the tawa with little oil.
Serve with tomato ketchup as a snack or straight for lunch or dinner as a side dish.


Sundari Kamath said...

Cool! Simple and tasty :)

Unknown said...

Want to try this tempting dish

mukuvacha said...

will surely try this out. look so easy. am kinda guy who wants some kurkur khana for breakfast,lunch , dinner


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