Friday, March 22, 2013

Gharen Karo/Ponsa Balka(Jackfruit Chips)

This is the season for Jackfruit. Local market has abundant stock of raw and ripe jackfruit. Trees also look well loaded with yield. Tender raw jackfruit is used in curries and fritters. Well grown but unripe Barke raw jackfruit with thick segments are used for making chips and happalam. Making Gharen Karo is an art mastered by experts in Undivided Dakshina Kannada, Uttar Kannada and Shimoga Districts of Karnataka and most of the regions in Kerala.
The process involves cleaning the jackfruit and jackfruit has loads of gum in it which makes the job sticky and irritating. Hence, many people avoid making this at home and buy ready made stuff from sweet shops/bakeries. Certainly home made chips are much much better than the ones available commercially. At hoe we can be assured about the consistency of the jackfruit, quality of the oil we use for frying and zero adulteration.
Gharen Karo is a favourite tea time fried snack and is also a good starter snack with drinks. On a lazy rainy day a bowlful of crispy Gharen Karo and a cup of hot tea makes my day
Barke raw Jackfruit segments - 1Kg(Approximately)
Salt - 50Gm(Approximately)

Water - QS
Coconut Oil - 500Ml(Or for deep frying)

Prepare a concentrated salt solution in water.
Cut the jackfruit segments into thin finger chips.
Heat oil in a kadai.
When the oil starts fuming, reduce the heat to medium.
Drop the jackfruit fingers in hot oil as much as possible and keep mixing them with the perforated frying spatula to ensure even frying.
When the chips turn into light golden colour, pour a spoonful of the salt solution into the oil, taking care not to look straight into the kadai at close range. The oil tends to spurt.
Quickly mix the sizzling chips with the salt solution and as soon as the sizzling stops, remove the chips and drain on kitchen paper to get rid of excess oil.
When the chips cool down, store in air tight container.
These last for at least 2-3 weeks without any change in smell.


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Super Jalla maam...
I am also eating Gharenkaro now..

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