Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Tender Coconut Pudding

Custard pudding is a yummy dessert liked by almost all. We get various flavours of instant pudding mixes in the market including caramel custard. I personally like caramel custard but had never ventured into making it form scratch. We usually buy a packet or two of the instant mix and make it when we have a party. However, eating Tender coconut Pudding at the Prestige Hotel recently made me think about making it at home. 

Meena said, she has a recipe that she had noted down from some cookery show. I also found a similar recipe online which looked convincing. I blended the two recipes and came out with my own, end result of which looks almost like caramel custard but with the taste and flavour of tender coconut.

I topped the custard with caramelised nuts, which add to taste. I didn't caramalise the nuts dark brown, as I wanted the tender coconut flavour to be predominant. Besides, I have also added vanilla flavour to this. Now that the monsoons have weakened and the weather is becoming warmer, any cold dessert is tempting, especially with tender coconut flesh(Malai).

Tender Coconut Malai(Ganji/Kernel)  - From one tender coconut(About 1-2mm thick)
Milk - 500ml
Condensed Milk - 1/2 can
Sugar - 3-4 Tbsp
Gelatin Powder - 2 Tbsp(or China Grass 4 Tbsp)
Vanilla Flavour - 1 tsp
Scoop out malai from tender coconut and mince it lightly by running in the mixer for one second on pulse mode.
Keep aside.
Whisk milk and condensed milk in a pan manually.
Keep on medium flame and allow to boil.
Stir in sugar.
Soak gelatin in 1/2 cup warm water for about 20 mins.
Add to the hot milk, stir well and switch off the flame.
Allow to cool down to room temperature.
Add vanilla flavour and tender coconut malai.
Beat well and then pour into moulds(Small bowls, ramekins, idli cups or cup cake moulds).
Refrigetrate for 3-4 hours.
Scoop out the moulded custard with a butter knife, and place it upside down on a dessert plate.
Before serving, sprinkle a teaspoon of crushed caramalised nuts on top. 
1. If you want the custard to look white and taste more like tender coconut, don't boil the milk. Just heat milk, add soaked gelatin and sugar and allow them to dissolve, then mix in condensed milk and allow to cool down. Don't add vanilla flavour.
2. if you want the custard to be very smooth and soft, chill it for just 2 hours in the fridge, or take out the solid custard and allow it to cool down for 10-15 minutes before serving.
3. To make caramalised nuts, heat and caramalise 2 Tsp sugar in a frying pan on medium heat until it melts and starts to turn golden, add 2 Tbsp cashewnut bits, almonds or pistachios, mix well until the mass gets sticky. Allow to cool and then crush lightly with a pestle or rolling pin.

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