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Goan Poi(Poee/Paav Bread) - Christmas Special

Dear followers of Garam Tawa, 

"Wishing You All Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!"

Starting today for the next 3 days, we will present a few Christmas special dishes for you. Starting the trend with Goan Poi/Poee/Paav Bread.
It was in the early Nineties that I visited Goa on the New Year's Day with Meena on my Yamaha RX100 bike and we had lunch at 'Martin's Beach Shack' off Miramar Beach in Panjim(Not Martin's Corner. This shack has since closed down).  We sat at a table facing the sea over the cliff and ordered Prawn Balchao and Goan Poi. Since it was the first time that we tried the hard bread baked in the traditional way, we did find it a bit difficult to gulp it! I washed down the Poi and Balchao with a glass of fine Goan Coconut Fenny and that settled it alright. Meena ordered fish curry rice and felt happy that afternoon!
Later in the year 2010 I went as brand ambassador for Tata Nano Car for the ad photo shoot and radio recording in Goa. I then stayed at Calangute in a resort, but most of my eating out was at beach shacks. 'Souza Lobo' had a very good ambiance with excellent food. I relished Prawn Masala with Poi again there. This time, I was very much used to the hard bread and all the Three days of my stay in Goa, I had poi with some Goan curry for dinner.

I told Meena that I love Goan Poi and we must try making it at home, as the paav bread we get in Mangalore is not that stiff and is too sweet. Local bakeries do not venture into making it, as Mangaloreans are mostly used to soft paav. Three months ago, there was a demonstration on Zee Khaana Khazana how to make Goan Poi. Meena immediately noted down the recipe and made it for me, of course with slight variation in quantity of ingredients. It came out fantastic, as good as I tasted in Goa! I made Prawn Balchao following Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe and the combo was a superhit. All I missed was imbibing Goan fenny, for I've been a tee-totaller since 2012 May!

Try making this at home, but be sure to prepare some nice spicy tangy chicken, mutton, pork or prawn curry to go with them.
Refined Flour - 2 Cups 
Sugar - 2 Tbsp 
Salt - To taste(Around 3/4 Tsp)
Active dry Yeast - 2 Tsp
Lukewarm Water - QS

Mix yeast with 30ml lukewarm water and one tbsp sugar.
Cover and keep for 15mins, till it becomes thick and frothy.
Preheat oven at 220° C for 10 mins.
In a mixing bowl add refined flour, one tbsp sugar, salt, activated yeast, just enough water.
Knead the dough till soft and sticky, then cover it.
Let it raise for 5-10mins.
Divide the dough into 6 equal portions.
Make oval shape balls.
Place them on the baking tray and make slits with a sharp knife.
Bake them for 15–20mins in the pre heated oven at 220°C.
Serve hot with Prawn Balchao or any spicy tangy curry.
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