Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Urad Moong Multigrain Idlis

Presenting whole Urad and Moong Multigrain Idlis with added rava for our followers to commemorate the commencement of Kudpiraj's Garam Tawa blogspot 2 years ago. We kick started with my favourite breakfast snack Moong Daal Usli and I thought another moong daal snack should do justice to the Second Anniversary at least!

Whole lentils with skin are rich in vitamins minerals and fiber. North Indians mostly cook whole lentils and make curried and daals. We also make some snacks with them like the Andhra special Pesarattu and idlis. It is a practice in South, especially Udupi and Mangalore side to make idlis or khottige with any one whole lentil like Black gram(urad), Green gram(moong) or Horse gram, with rice as base.

Meena learnt a new combo after a friend suggested that we can mix two or more whole lentils and make excellent soft fluffy tasty idlis. She tried making whole urad and moong idlis but this time it is with added Bombay rava. Try this, eat with any kind of coconut chutney and you will love this. Don't forget to dress up the idlis with a knob of butter, as it can melt and add to flavour. For me, melting butter is a must with them. Besides, these fatless steamed healthy idlis may feel high and dry if we don't butter them!

Whole Urad(Black Gram) with skin - 1 cup
Whole Moong(Green Gram) with skin - 1 cup
Bombay rava - 1 cup(Optional)
Green chillies - 2 minced
Ginger - 1 inch piece minced
Salt - To taste

Wash and soak the lentils for 8-10 hours or overnight at warm room temperature.
Drain and grind to a fine paste on the grinder adding very little water.
Mix in the optional rava, minced green chillies, ginger and salt to taste.
Pour a handful of the batter each into idli moulds and free steam for 15 mins, or till done.
Serve with a knob of fresh butter and  coconut chutney of your choice.
You can also douse fresh coconut oil over them and relish with raw cut mango pickle in brine.

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