Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mysore Vegetable Saagu

If you happen to visit places in old Mysore province stretching from Davangere to Chamarajanagar, you will definitely find Poori Saagu on the menu of any vegetarian restaurant. Many restaurants serve saagu along with Set Dosa and even with Rava Idlis.
I have tasted the best Poori Saagu in Shimoga in the late Sixties. There were good restaurants like Sathkar, Meenakshi Bhavan and Gopi Hotel serving the delicacy. Back in Mysore and Chamarajanagar, I have relished saagu with saada dosas, thatte idlis(Battalu Idlis) and rava idlis. At Hotel Deepa in Mysore, I had tasted Saagu Masala Dosa first in 1979. Some hotels still serve Saagu Masala Dosa in Mysore and Bangalore. Balepet Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan makes excellent saagu masala dosa.

Saagu is the Mysorean style Korma that goes with all these snacks mentioned above. It is not very fatty, it is spicy, sweet and tangy. the presence of roasted chana daal and cashewnuts make the gravy rich and smooth, while the mild hint of cloves and cinnamon give that nice arome to the gravy. Following recipe was given to Meena by her friend Nirmala Urs, who is a good vegetarian cook specialised in Mysorean style of delicacies. Meena slightly changed the recipe according to our taste.


Mixed Vegetables:
Potato - 1 medium washed, peeled and chopped into 1/2" cubes
Peas(Preferably fresh) - 1/2 cup
Carrot - 1 medium washed, peeled and chopped into small cubes
French Beans - 8-10 washed and chopped into small pieces
Tomato - 1 medium washed and chopped into small pieces
Chayote Squash(Seeme Badanekaayi) - 1/2 washed, peeled and chopped into small cubes

Saagu Masala :
Freshly grated coconut - 1 cup
Coriander Seeds - 3 Tsp
Cumin Seeds - 1 Tsp
Roasted Chickpeas(Hurkadle/Putaani) - 1 Tbsp
Cashew Bits - A handful
Cloves - 2
Cinnamon - 1" stick
Green Chillies - 3-4 chopped
Onion - 1/2 peeled and chopped into small cubes
Coriandeer leaves -A handful chopped
Ginger(Optional) - 1" piece peeled and chopped

Sugar - 1/2 Tsp
Salt - To taste

Mustard Seeds - 1/2 Tsp
Curry leaves - 1 Sprig
Turmeric powder - 1/4 Tsp
Refined Vegetable Oil - 2 Tsp

Parboil the vegetables with 2 cups water and salt to taste.
Grind the masala ingredients to a fine paste.
Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds.
When they crackle, add the curry leaves followed by turmeric powder.
Add the ground masala paste, add sugar and fry for 3-4 minutes.
Add parboiled veggies along with cooked water and bring to a boil
Check for salt.
Simmer for 2-3 mins till the masala blends well with the veggies.
Serve with piping hot puris/chapathis/phulkas/set dosas/idlis/rava Idlis/aapams.

You can also add cauliflower, paneer, baby corn, sweet corn and capsicum to the saagu.

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Usha said...

Wonderful look. Seems simple and easy to make. Cashew nuts is what I didn't add till now. Thanks a lot


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