Sunday, February 24, 2013

Aambuli Pachchodi

Aambuli is raw mango and now is the season for raw mango. We GSBs make a spicy instant salad/pickle called 'Pachchodi'(Pachadi means salad in South Indian language) with raw mango that is either eaten as it is or with curd rice. During festivals like Kodial Theru, one may see Temple Square in Car Street bustling with activities and charmuri vendors doing brisk business selling charmuri and aambuli pachchodi. When it is off season for raw mangoes, they make it with cucumber.

Raw mango that we select for the pachchodi should not be too sour or too sweet. Right mango such as raw Totapuri mango is selected, washed, wiped clean and then chopped into small bits. Calculated amount of red chilli powder, salt and hing goes into it and finally a generous drizzle of fresh coconut oil is mixed in for that lovely flavour. Apart from being flavouring agents, coconut oil and hing also help in controlling acidity that may be caused by the sourness of the raw mango and the hot chilli powder.

My younger days were incomplete without this pachchodi that I used to eat at least 2 plates when I visited Temple Square during Theru. A glass of iced sugarcane juice or fresh lime soda after consuming pachchodi gives a heavenly contented feeling!

Raw mango - 1 medium
Red Chilli powder - 2-3 teaspoonfuls(According to taste)
Salt - To taste
Hing(Asafotoeda) Powder - 1/2 Tsp(Or a pinch of hing dissolved in little water)
Coconut Oil - 2 Tsp

Wash, wipe and finely chop raw mango with skin to small bits.
Add chilly powder, hing and salt. Mix well.
Drizzle oil and mix again.
Traditionally pachchodi served in newspaper cones but better served in paper plates or stainless steel plates in hygiene point of view.
This is a good accompaniment with fresh juices and drinks.

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