Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rasam Vada

Rasam Vada is a combo snack served in Udupi style restaurants. Though Chennai is famous for this snack, it was popularised by the Madhwa Brahmins from Udupi. Crisp and hot Medhu Vada is topped with piping hot sweet hot and tangy Udupi style Rasam. Tastes heavenly on a rainy day!

I first tasted this combo snack in the Eighties at Mohini Vilas, a traditional Udupi style restaurant in Mangaluru where they also served Ghasi vada and Mor Kolumbu Vada alternatively. Janatha Deluxe serves nice rasam vadas these days in mangaluru. They make them pretty well, but I didn't know the perfect recipe for authentic Udupi Rasam until two weeks ago.

Once I found the recipe for Udupi Rasam, I was surprised to see Meena preparing medhu vadas for breakfast the same day! I immediately grabbed few vadas and made Rasam Vada. My niece from USA Deepa visited us that evening with her mother and daughter. They all liked the rasam vada very much.

All you need is Medhu Vadas following this 'Biscuit Ambade' recipe, but to make medhu vadas you need some practice. You need to dip your hand in water, make a lemon size ball with biscuit ambade batter and with your thumb and index finger, press the batter to make a hole in the center. Immediately drop this in hot oil and fry until crisp.

Make Udupi Rasam, arrange vadas in soup bowls, pour 1/2 cup rasam over each vada and garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves and serve hot.

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