Friday, January 08, 2016

Egg Masala Fried

Egg Masala Fried is another exotic spicy coastal Mangalorean dish popularised by Thejappa Shetty's Shetty Lunch Home and Anupama Restaurant. This is traditionally called as 'Uppu Motte' by the Kundapur Bunts. Kundapur Masala Powder is used to make this quick side dish, which is not only easy to make, but is liked by almost all who taste it.
I used to be regular at Anupama Restaurant in Usha Hotel Mangaluru in the Eighties. We friends used to order this dish as starter to go with drinks. I had tried to ask Ravi Shetty, the partner of Anupama to spare the recipe but he showed his helplessness, saying that all the recipes were under their chef's hat and he wouldn't reveal any! I didn't press him further, for I knew that one day I will come out with the recipe for sure!

Then I tried making this at home with just garlic, chilli powder, tamarind extract and turmeric powder. It was very pungent and lacked flavour. I succeeded in making it better, after I formulated fish masala fried some years ago. The dish turned out a bit spicy, and I knew something else goes into it apart from red chilli based masala paste. 

Once I started making ghee roast, I could very well make out what was missing! The difference between ghee roast and masala fried is, that ghee roast has added ghee and brown onion paste, if not yogurt, but masala fried has just masala paste. However, unlike seafood masala fried, to make egg masala fried we need to add brown onion paste and yogurt for that sweet taste and sticky consistency. 

Then there was the magic masala, the Kundapur Masala Powder easily available at Sapna Stores Padubidri, and of late through our neighbours directly procured from Kundapur. Thus my job was easy. I have shared the recipe for making Kundapur masala Powder here. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make this lovely spicy tangy dish to pamper your family members!

1. Eggs(Large) - 8
2. Coconut oil/Ghee - 4 tsp
3. Garlic flakes - 8-10 peeled and finely chopped(or 1 Tsp garlic paste)
4. Brown Onion Paste - 2 Tsp
5. Plain Yogurt - 2 Tsp
6. Tamarind pulp - A cherry sized ball of tamarind in 20Ml water
7. Kundapur Masala powder - 4 Teaspoons
8. Salt - 1/2 Tsp(or to taste)
9. Coriander leaves - A handful chopped
10. Lemon wedges - To serve

Hard boil eggs, peel and make gashes on them.
Mix Kundapur masala powder with tamarind pulp and little water if necessary to make a paste.
Heat oil in a shallow pan, fry the chopped garlic until golden. 
Add brown onion paste and fry until oil leaves the sides.
Add the masala paste, yogurt, salt and fry until oil leaves the sides. 
Place the boiled eggs, coat well with the roasted masala, sprinkle little water if the masala is too dry. 
After 2 minutes, switch off the flame, transfer into a serving bowl or platter, garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve with lemon wedges.
Goes well with drinks as a starter, or as side dish with chapatis, plain rice or ghee rice.


Nita said...

Hi Raj, What is in the Kundapur Masala? Since we live abroad and are unable to get this mix here, I would appreciate your help very much. Thanks.

Roopa.m said...

Tried this today and came out very nice. I however had soaked some jaggery along with the tamarind and had also fried curry leaves along with garlic paste��

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

Nita I guess you found the link for Kundapur Masala Powder in the recipe article. You can also make it easily by mixing different spice powders mentioned.

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

Roopa some innovations like you did can only result in better taste. All the best in trying your twist with simple recipes like this one.


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