Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pineapple Lassi - A Summer Cooler

When we buy pineapple, the whole fruit lasts for 3-4 different recipes. It is my passion to come out with new ideas, cross the horizon and gallop towards new world of exotic recipes. That of course without getting carried away with the western way.

Lassi is our own Indian natural cooler from Punjab, that's made in different flavours and a North Indian meal is always complimented with a tall glass of cool sweet lassi. Some of the fantastic lassi preparation can be found in Punjab and Delhi, but I first tasted very good lassi in Bengaluru in the Eighties. Restaurants like Sukh Sagar, Chandra Sweets, Shakti and Suhas served wonderful lassi. In Mangaluru now a days you can find good lassi sold even in sealed plastic pouch by KMF and a local make 'Swad'. Balwant's Krishna Chats had lip smacking lassi in the Eighties and the Nineties. Some say Balwant adds phova or puffed rice  to make lassi thick but I have my own doubts. I found his lassi very good when he had that cart outside Central Market. Not tried at his present setup opposite to the Central Market.

Just a few days ago I bought a big pineapple that cost just Rs.65/- per piece at More outlet near our home. I made pineapple pudding already and thought of making some summer cooler with it. Meena had experimented with strawberry and mango lassi already. I thought in lines of making pineapple lassi, and whenever I try and make some juice with pineapple, honey and lemon come to my mind. I also felt that a hint of fresh ginger might add to flavour and taste. Then I announced "Pineapple Lassi with Ginger Lemon and Honey will appear soon in our fridge". Meena was not amused, as she's mastered the art of making lassi adding fruits!
Well, when I get new recipe ideas, I search in google first to find if someone like Chef Sanjeev Kapoor or Sanjay Thumma have already come out with that. I searched and found many results, but the one I found at 'Budget Bytes' web page is almost the same as what I had in mind! The author has added ice cubes and made it without adding lemon. I added lemon zest for that lemony bitterness. I also thought of adding Angostura Bitters but restricted myself, as it is not easily available in stores in India and people may get confused how to go about the recipe without it. I also avoided blending the lassi in a mixer. I went the traditional Punjabi way of whipping yogurt in a flask with hand churner. Chilled it in the fridge and avoided adding ice cubes.

So folks, here's the fantastic summer cooler Pineapple Lassi with added ginger, honey and lemon zest for you and your partner. Cheers, and beat the summer heat with a tall refreshing lassi.

You'll most certainly exclaim, "Pineapple Lassi Jaisi Koi Nahin!"

Plain Curd(Yogurt)  - 300 Ml
Pineapple - 4 Slices chopped(Around 1 and 1/2 cup)
Cold water - 1 Cup
Ginger - 1" piece grated
Sugar - 4-6 Tsp
Salt - A pinch
Honey - 4 tsp
Lemon  Zest
Transfer pineapple chunks along with sugar, salt and grated ginger into a mixer jar and blend for 2 minutes.
Add water and run the mixer for another 2 minutes.
Strain the juice and collect in a bowl.
Chill in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
Take the curd in a flask or a pot.
Whip well with the hand churner for 2-3 minutes.
Don't whip more, as you may get butter formation in the lassi.
Take a tall glass and fill it half with lassi. Drizzle one teaspoonful of honey.
Top up with pineapple juice.
Drizzle one more teaspoonful of honey, grate lemon and sprinkle zest over the frothy top and serve garnished with a slice of lemon.
Stir gently as you sip the cool stuff reading a book or magazine, watching a TV show, working on your computer or just relaxing in your easy chair watching nature. 
Ingredients in this recipe are sufficient to make two tall glasses of lassi(Approx 300 Ml each).
You may increase the proportions according to your need.

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