Monday, March 17, 2014

Banana Milk Shake

Banana is a universally liked fruit full of energy source. Its high carbohydrate content makes it a favourite with sports personalities. I remember watching Boris Becker in the Eighties when he used to relax in between sets and consume bananas to revitalise.

A good cooler for summer and a wholesome meal by itself, Banana Milk Shake was first tasted by me at a restaurant in Bangalore called 'Suhas'. Suhas was serving basic soups, North Indian curries, chapathis and stuff like its rival 'Shakthi' on Sampige Road Malleshwaram, near Malleshwaram Circle.

They had just two kinds of milk shakes those days, Banana and Vanilla. It was priced at Rs. 2/- per tall steel tumbler(300ml) in 1983-84, if I remember right. My dinner would be incomplete without a Banana Milk Shake or Vanilla Milk Shake!

After leaving Bangalore in 1985, I've tried making Banana Milk Shake many times but in the last 10 years never made it at home or tried it outside. Today being Holi the festival of colours during which sweets and a special drink 'Thandai' are consumed by many, I was tempted to make Banana Milk Shake after a long hiatus!

Some Bananas are very pulpy and creamy. Especially the ones like Rasabaale and Kadali(Yelakki Baale) variety. They both have a good flavour. Kadali is available round the year, here in Mangalore. Cavendish Robusta is more sweet and is less creamy. Banana Milk Shake can be prepared using any of the three varieties but one needs to adjust the amount of sugar added to the drink depending on the sweetness of the bananas. I have also added a few drops of vanilla essence to make it more aromatic.

This is quick n easy to make and you can surprise your family or sudden guests, if you have bananas and milk in stock. No one will say no to this cooler, I'm sure!

Kadali, Rasbaale
or Cavendish bananas - 300Gms
Sugar - 5Tsp or according to taste
Whole Milk - 900Ml
Vanilla essence(Optional) - 6-8 drops

Peel and chop the bananas into big chunks.
Transfer to a mixie and add sugar and a cup of milk.
Run the mixie at low speed for 30 secs and then raise the speed and blend for another 30 secs.
Add the remaining milk, vanilla essence and blend till the shake is frothy and ready.
Transfer to a jug and chill for 1-2 hours.
Mix well and serve in tall glasses.

Unlike other milk shakes this does not require cream to be added, since bananas are creamy. However, some may like it more creamy and rich. They can add half a cup of cream along with milk.

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