Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Jackfruit Sweet Idlis(Ponsa Muddo) - New Year's Special

Traditional GSB cooking has jack fruit as one of the prime ingredients. Ripened sweet jack fruit florets are abundantly available in the season from Spring to Summer but one may wonder how can I come out with jackfruit idlis in winter! There is a way in which jackfruit florets can be preserved for use during off season. By caramalising them with jaggery.

My wife Meena learnt this trick from a friend and she has stored quite some portions of caramalised jackfruit in the freezer safely in Ziploc bags. When I asked her to make something special for the New Year's eve, she came out with a surprise for me, my favourite Jackfruit Sweet Idlis! With fresh ghee, these taste fantastic.

Tuluvas call this 'Pelakaayida Gatti' and Brahmins call this 'Halasina Kadubu'. I have given the recipe for fresh jack fruit idlis here. For caramalising, you can use the same proportion of jackfruit bits and jaggery. You may also check for the sweetness of the jackfruit before adding jaggery to make the dish just right.

Fresh Jack Fruit Florets - 1 cup chopped
Jaggery - 1/2 cup
Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup
Rice Rava(Idli rava) - 1 cup
Salt - 1/2 Tsp(Adjust according to taste)
Cardamom powder - A pinch
Ghee  -For applying in the idli moulds.

Wash and soak Rice rava in water for 10 mins.
Drain and keep aside.
Grind jack fruit with grated coconut and jaggery without adding water to a smooth pulp.
Mix in the ground pulp with the soaked drained rice rava.
Add salt to taste and cardamom powder.
Mix well.
Grease idli moulds with ghee, drop a handful of the batter in each mould and steam for 10-15 mins or till done.
Alternately, wrap in banan leaf and make rectangular flat packets(Cholke in Konkani) and steam as muddo.
Serve hot with fresh ghee.

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