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‘Aatidonji Dina’ Unique Monsoon Festival of Tuluvas

Aati Kalenja pic by: Ram Naresh Manchi
This is an excerpt from my articles and pictures on ‘Aatidonji Dina’ or a day in Aati month celebrated at Pilikula Heritage Village in the years 2008 and 2009.

Aati(Aashaad)is the month during monsoon season when heavy downpour of rains incite enthusiasm among the hard working Tuluvas of the undivided Dakshina Kannada districts of Karnataka state. They indulge in farming, rain sports and cultural activities with a wide spread of monsoon delicacies to greet the month that ensures their well being.
On Aati Amavaasye(New Moon Day), Tuluvas prepare and drink ‘Pale Ketthe Kashaaya’, a medicine that clears many ailments of the digestive system, purifies blood and builds up immunity according to belief.

‘Aati Kalenja’ the folklore of Tuluvas is the main attraction during the Aati month now confined to rural places, and not many urban dwellers get a chance to watch it now a days due to modernisation. Normally adolescent children are prepared with typical dress made of palm and tender areca leaves, their faces painted and a drummer goes along with the Aati Kalenja singing ‘Paaddana’ or folk songs while the Kalenja dances in a front and back slow motion rotating the umbrella made of coconut leaves. During my younger days, I have seen them every year and women mostly used to accompany them with the drum and singing.

Rains greet the well attended gathering at Pilikula Heritage Village as ‘Aatidonji Dina’every year as Dr Vamana Nandavara, the man in charge of the Heritage Village at Pilikula takes the pain to arrange a food festival showcasing Tuluva delicacies within the Gutthu House.

Food specialties included Aritha Pundi, Gujjeda Happala, Thevuda Chutney, Kudutha Saar, Thetlada Kajipu, Uppad Kukkuda Chutney, Nurge Thoppu Ambade, Kudutha Chutney, Kanile Padenji Ghasi, Thekkareda Adye, Pathrode, Manjal Iretha Gatti, Saarnadye, Kanchalada Kajipu, Pelakaayida Gatti, Pelakaayida Gaari, Mambala and a variety of Kashayas that tickle the taste buds of connoisseurs.

Enthusiastic Ladies Group prepares and presents the ‘Aati’ food specialties. The two consecutive years of Aatidonji Dina went by fast enough but the taste of goodies that we tasted there linger on forever!


Govinadaraj said...

Aatiji Onji dina...:)

Vidya Nayak Shenoy said...

Thanks for sharing .. had heard about this .. but never knew the details and the dishes looks so yum

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

Welcome Vidya.


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