Thursday, April 04, 2013

Birinda Juice(Kokum Juice) by Nisha Baliga Shenoy

The tropical fruit Birinda or Kokum grows abundantly in the coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Goa. Some people dry the kokum skin in the sun and use that in curries and cool drinks.

Yet, fresh kokum juice is unique in taste and flavour. Its cooling properties are instant and now is the season to relish fresh kokum Juice.

Got some kokum fruit from my mom's native place and prepared the juice which was liked by even small kids!

Fresh Kokum - 25
Sugar - 250 Gms
Water - 2-3 Litres

Cut the kokum and collect the seeds in a bowl.
Add sugar to the seeds, mix and keep for 15 mins.
In a vessel, take a liter of water and rub the inside of the skin to obtain red tangy juice of kokum.
Repeat the process till maximum juice is extracted.
Squeeze out the pulp from the seeds and add that along with the melted sugar and the seeds to the tangy juice of kokum collected in the vessel.
Mix well and strain the juice and discard the seeds.
Add water sufficient to get a thin but sweet and tangy kokum juice.
Chill and serve garnished with mint leaves.

Note: Some people chop the Kokum skin and mix that with sugar to obtain thick syrup. That way, the juice may taste slightly bitter.

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